The 31-year-old, Nigerian-born entrepreneur received introductory education in her native country. During her teenage years, she relocated to the United States and completed her secondary at Leesville High School in North Carolina. Following high school, Oniru entered the University of North Carolina A & T where she obtained (graduating Cum Laude) a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Entrepreneurship.

Sewing The Seeds For Future Success
It was during her university days that Oniru developed her drive, penchant for leadership, and burgeoning interest in the business. The young woman partook in numerous campus activities that centered around civic involvement and business leadership.

Early Career
Following her graduation, Oniru’s intelligence, determination, and persistence paid off and precipitated employment in several positions that set her entrepreneurial future in motion. In her early twenties, she began her remarkable career when she was hired by Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a financial analyst. After two years in this position, she returned to her native Nigeria to accept a supervisory role in that nation’s Central Bank. However, eager to expand her horizons, Oniru was accepted into and obtained a Masters In Business Administration (MBA) from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Her first job following the attainment of her MBA was a three-year stint as Global Consultant for the Lars Magnus Ericsson Corporation. Success
Despite her success, Oniru dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. She accomplished this goal when she founded This online shopping entity features clothing items from many different nations, including South Africa, Tanzania, China, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Morocco. The fashions sold on this Lagos-based (Nigerian capital) entity typically represent those designed by leading African designers. The customer base of this enterprise has spread from beyond Africa and include individuals from as far away as the United States.

More Than Simply Business
While proud of her success, Oniru hopes her triumphs have more far-reaching consequences. Among her goals is to inspire other prospective African entrepreneurs</a> to similar heights and make Nigeria and the African continent as a whole a more viable entity to do business with on an international scale.