Nigeria’s history has brought countless first ladies who have had a significant impact on its development. One of those well-known women is named Mrs. Victoria Aguiyi Ironsi for her tireless work to helping social issues that affect people across Nigeria. 

Her Excellency Mrs. Victoria Aguiyi Ironsi was the wife to Major General Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi, who served as Nigeria’s first Military Head of State before his death in 1966. Mrs. Aguiyi Ironsi’s role would become significant, as her work helped establish the role of the Nigerian First Lady.

Mrs. Victoria Aguiyi Ironsi worked as a fashion designer and leader that has been heavily involved in helping communities throughout Nigeria. In addition to a successful career, Mrs. Aguiyi Ironsi is the Founding Member of the Nigerian Army Officers’ Wives Association, which is dedicated to helping those in need, while also aiming to raise the standard of living throughout Nigeria. 

Since its founding in the 1950’s, the organization has expanded their services to assist women and children in need. Mrs. Aguiyi Ironsi’s work helped lay the foundation for how organizations could provide the much-needed assistance to underserved communities in Nigeria. The Nigerian Army Officers’ Wives Association has become known as one of the most powerful organizations in Nigeria, and its reach is expected to continue growing. 

In the 1990’s, Mrs. Victoria Aguiyi Ironsi became involved with the United Nations Women’s Conference, which focuses on solving women’s issues around the world. Mrs. Aguiyi Ironsi was involved in the Fourth World Conference on Woman: Action For Equality, Development, and Peace, which took place in Beijing, China in 1995. 

Most recently, Mrs. Victoria Aguiyi Ironsi was featured as a panel speaker at the Mothers of The Nation: History Revived Event. She had the opportunity to talk about a number of topics, including about the work she has done in gender equality. Because of the commited work of Mrs. Victoria Aguiyi Ironsi, countless communities in Nigeria have received assistance to help them thrive.