Growing up female in a society often unkind to women and girls can be fraught with pitfalls. That becomes why it is imperative for parents to give their children a more encompassing female perspective and in turn help reshape society’s view of women’s role on a national scale. In other words, adults need to give kids the best advice available regarding the journey to adulthood, be it instructing your son on how to treat girls or your daughter on how to stand up for herself. Here are five important pieces of advice that every child needs to hear, especially your daughters.

“Be Yourself”

Children should always feel like they are enough; they are not defined by their hobbies or the people around them. Today’s society can condemn originality, and as a result, it becomes even more important for parents to foster it. Every individual has something special to bring to the world by being who they are no matter gender, religious background, values etcetera.

“You Are Perfect as You Are”

Appearances do not determine worth, despite how many popular magazines make looks the determining factor of judging a person’s value to society. This commercial approach to beauty skews children’s perceptions of perfection. Say “no” to speaking negatively about your own or anyone else’s body in front of your growing children, and “no” to passing on unhealthy eating habits as well. Teach them to be comfortable and to place more value on how their body feels than how it may look.

“Be a Good Friend”

Loyalty to friends includes being there through thick and thin, and being the type of support he or she would need if they were in the same situation. But also tell them not be afraid to walk away from toxic behavior. A person can only help those who want to be helped, and they can only fully help others if they have a confident, stable understanding of her own worth.

“Own Your Accomplishments– and Mistakes”

Teach them to accept praise with a healthy amount of pride (but not arrogance). Additionally, accepting one’s mistakes helps to keep a person open to emotional growth, as well as making your children approachable and easy to identify as a leader.

“Shoot For the Stars”

Imagine the wealth of inventions and developments the world could have seen if not for the restriction of the intellect of half the population. Traditional gender roles have long been a stifling influence on the creativity and freedom of women and girls throughout history. Teach your little ones to never hold back on trying to fulfill his or her dreams or stunt the creativity of their peers. It’s never too late to launch a full-scale adventure and to live a life full of excitement and pure passion.