Success means many different things to many different people but we all share one common thread- in one way or another, we are all working to achieve it. Another common thread? It doesn’t come easily to many, and we all have to find the things that keep us pushing forward instead of caving to the pressure. For myself I find that faith, motivation, and positivity are the best places to start and here is how you can incorporate more of them into your life to keep you on the track to success.

  1. Find your faith

Do you believe in a creator outside of yourself? Leaning on them during stressful times can help ease some of the discomforts and provide much-needed guidance. Ask for their help and trust that everything is playing out exactly how it was meant to be. In placing your trust in a higher power, you create more time to focus on where that power is pushing you.  

  1. Use negative energy as friction to propel you forward

Rather than letting negativity to get the best of you, you can leverage it as motivation to push it for you. If someone tells you that you can’t achieve something- prove them wrong. First off, tell them that you can, and you will. Then go out into the world and do it! There’s an immense amount of energy to be generated in those situations and it can be a strong motivator to do more.

  1. Stay positive

We can’t avoid the days that we end up feeling down or stressed out, but you can have a positive reaction to the stress by showing yourself the love and understanding that you need. Don’t beat yourself up, give yourself the time necessary to process your negative emotions but don’t let it stick around for longer than it needs to. If you dwell on the negative rather than the positive, you only breed more negativity.

  1. What motivates you?

What is the driving force behind all of your hard work? Remind yourself of these things on a daily basis and take the steps necessary to make those things your reality. It can help to write down your goal, set a date, and then come up with all of the steps needed to achieve it so you have a plan to stick to. Whether it’s to gain greater financial or personal success, one of the sure fire ways to get there is by using what motivates you to get you through the tough days.

I’ll leave you with the words from an inspiring young lady, Patience Dzidzeme Mboti. She says, “I believe you can ultimately be anything you want to be as a person. It does not matter if you are a lady. You can fulfill your career dreams with hard work, determination and with God involved.” I think that’s a lesson we all need reminded of sometimes though. Whatever your definition of success is, as long as you keep the faith and take action on making your dreams a reality- they will come!