Aliko Dangote is a 62-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur and business magnate with investments all across Africa. Dangote’s vast wealth, spread across Africa, has made him the richest black man in the continent. He is worth well over $10.6 billion. The billionaire businessman is also a renowned philanthropist and founder of the Dangote Group. His vast wealth of business investments under the Dangote Group, founded 30 years ago, is spread mainly in West Africa and has a market capitalization of $10.5 billion.

The wealthy businessman has a rare business ideology that few people ever approve. He focuses on investing his money rather than keeping it in the bank. This ideology has earned him major business investments ranging from the energy sector to healthcare, food industry, and other vital sectors within the local, continental, and global economy. He is also, currently, in the process of constructing one of the world’s largest oil refineries that ever existed. His main business investment currently is the Dangote Cement Factory, a publicly traded company for which he owns 85% of the shares.

Aliko Dangote is also a renowned global philanthropist who runs Africa’s largest charity foundation with an enrollment of over $1.25 billion. The globally-minded businessman has been on the forefront of helping improve various socio-economic aspects of disadvantaged persons in the society through his Dangote Foundation. Among the key things targeted in his charity initiatives include focusing on improving the nutrition, education, and health of local Nigerians as well as other parts of the continent where people are socially and economically challenged. The Dangote Foundation, under the leadership of Aliko Dangote, for instance, was instrumental in helping to contain the spread of Ebola in West Africa. His initiative, dubbed the Africa Union Ebola Trust Fund, saw him give out over $3 million that went into facilitating the treatment of affected patients while facilitating a vigorous campaign against the spread of the disease.

Aliko Dangote is also interested in global initiatives, especially the United Nations Secretary-General Global Education First Initiative committee where he works with other like-minded philanthropists in helping channel aid to the education of less fortunate children in different parts of the world. Dangote has also served in other capacities in the public and private sectors, focusing on healthcare, the achievement of Millennium Development Goals in Africa, and facilitating SME businesses within the continent.