Do you feel under appreciated in the workplace? Have you been type-casted into a subordinate role at work? The problem might be less about management and more about how you carry yourself.

As a business professional and entrepreneur, I compiled a few best practices to help you stand out from the crowd.


Define your goals

If you are dissatisfied with where you are at, take a moment to consider what you really want. Do you want more responsibility? Do you want to climb the ranks? Do you want to step into a management role? No matter the case, the first step is deciding what you want in order to start working toward it.


Keep your emotions under control

Professionals are level headed. If you lash out, you look irrational and like you can’t handle the pressure of the work environment. That is not to say, lose your passion. You can be passionate and excited about your work, just be sure to share those ideas and opinions with well-mannered demeanor.


Consider your body language

Sometimes people are passed up for a promotion or otherwise, simply because they don’t hold themselves well or come across as unengaged. As Reader’s Digest suggest, “Keeping your head upright, your shoulders relaxed, and your upper chest softly opened will give you the appearance of authority.


Educate yourself

You want to convey yourself as a thought leader within your industry or at least someone who is engaged in the field. No matter what your career ambitions are, you need to have a passion for what you do and be knowledgeable about the subject. Not to mention lifelong learning shows drive and employers want to see someone who is motivated to do more and be more.


Expand your network

Networking is a major component for success in any field. Everyone has heard the saying that ‘business is all about who you know.’ That’s not just the case in business though.


Take accountability

To gain credibility and position yourself as a leader. One of the more difficult parts of leading though is accepting fault when you mess up. If you don’t take accountability or own up to your mistakes, you don’t portray yourself as strong enough to lead.


Be authentic

People see through fake facades. Even if you are a really great actor or your excellent at pretending to know what you’re doing, eventually people will see through it. As Neil Patel from Entrepreneur says of admitting your mistakes, “Although humbling, however, such a frank admission of your shortcoming can raise your credibility.

By asserting yourself you don’t just help yourself, but also those around you. In standing by your ideas, selling others on them and proving your successful track record, your coworkers are more likely to see you as a leader.