The First Bank of Nigeria was founded in 1894 as The Bank for British West Africa. Back then, it was the first banking institution established in Africa. The banks’ 125 years of history features remarkable stories of successful investment, customer service, and stakeholder engagement. Its vision was, and remains, to be a leader in the Nigerian banking system and become a bankers’ choice. The bank’s mission is to provide banking and financial services to its customers where possible while engaging customers in productive financial decisions necessary to spearhead their lives and businesses.

Currently, the First Bank of Nigeria Limited has over 10 million active accounts for its customers in over 750 branches countrywide. The bank provides a range of corporate and retail financial services to its customers as well as investors. The bank partners with its customers to help them explore and expand their business ambitions not only in Nigeria but also across the continent in Africa and beyond.

Among its key products include financial transfer services, a range of deposit products, loan and advance services, credit, debit, Visa and Mastercard, cash and asset management, and foreign trade services and exchanges. The bank has been committed to creating convenience by facilitating technology-mediated transactions that give businesses and customers the flexibility they deserve and desire.

Leveraging on technology, the First Bank of Nigeria Limited is committed to optimizing cost-effective service delivery while enhancing transactional efficiency in banking processes. Technology is also at the heart of the business’s commitment to risk management. To further enhance its ability to fulfill its mission and vision, the bank has well-entrenched collaborations both nationally as well as across the globe. It also encourages and spurs creativity and innovation through creative fintech solutions.

The First Bank of Nigeria is also committed to the national social-economic empowerment of the locals. Among the various programs that the bank facilitates includes loan and mortgages where it offers qualified persons the opportunity to become homeowners at flexible and affordable arrangements.

Additional programs include the provision of various payment solutions where it partners with the government and corporates to facilitate payment of taxes, trade fees, e-payment solutions, school and institutional fee payment solutions, and remittance of bills and utilities. In general, the First Bank of Nigeria is well committed and poised to facilitating Nigerians’ social-economic empowerment and development.