Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and a former Minister of Environment of Nigeria, is the mother of six children and a strong voice for women around the world. Mohammed remains dedicated to ensuring the UN remains capable of delivering on its development, peacekeeping, and various other commitments.

Most recently, Mohammed, 57, was in Saudi Arabia to hail women empowerment during the opening session for the Arab Forum on Sustainable Development in Beirut. The UN Deputy Secretary-General stated at the forum that more women need a seat at the table in the Arabic region. She added that more women should be placed in decision-making positions, mentioning how it was good seeing a woman in Lebanon being appointed as the Arab world’s first interior minister.

Mohammed told the media of a request from the Kingdom inquiring about increasing the number of Saudi women in their UN programs.

Mohammed has quite a diverse and respected background and in 2017, was honored as Foreign Policy Magazine’s Diplomat of the Year. Born in Gombe State, Nigeria, she first began her career designing and building public buildings like hospitals, schools, and other public institutions. Mohammed also went on to work for three successive administrations in Nigeria. She served as Special Advisor on the Millennium Development Goals and offered advice on hot button issues such as poverty, sustainable development, and public sector reform.

Now as second in command at the UN, Mohammed has been applauded for using her social media accounts to share the work of the UN with the public. She has garnered much success with her platform and been recognized as a “Social Media Champion” by the UN Social 500. She says she talks about the issues and links them to the people on the ground and the solutions to what’s happening. She believes she’s using language that people can engage with.

On Twitter alone, Mohammed enjoys a following of more than 625,000, but she quips in interviews that she would like the 14.9 million followers that musical icon Beyonce boasts.

Mohammed has a popular presence on numerous advisory boards spanning the world. A couple of these include the Global Development Program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the African Women’s Millennium Initiative.