In addition to her duties as the CEO and managing director of Standard Chartered Nigeria, Ms. Bola Adesola has also been appointed to a prestigious position by the United Nations’ secretary-general. Ms. Adesola will co-chair alongside Paul Polman on the board for the United Nations Global Compact. The board will oversee initiatives concerning corporate sustainability. This won’t be the first time Ms. Adesola has served as a vice-chair on the committee, and she returns to the position with a wealth of new experiences.

Bola Adesola started her career by obtaining a law degree from the U.K.’s University of Buckingham. Upon her graduation, she returned to her native country of Nigeria, where she continued her legal studies. In 1985, she finished her education at Nigeria Law School and qualified to take the bar exam. Although she had achieved the degrees in law that she had sought, she was interested in rounding out her education.

Taking an interest in business, Mrs. Adesola attended Harvard Business School, where she participated in the advanced management programme. She later completed Lagos Business School’s chief executive programme to finish off her formal education.

Bola started her career in the finance sector, working for several banking institutions across the first 25 years of her career. While working for Citibank Nigeria, she quickly moved up into executive roles with her career taking her to a variety of locations throughout Nigeria and Tanzania.

By 1999, Mrs. Adesola had been promoted to the position of managing director for Kakawa Discount House Limited. In that position, she headed up numerous projects that helped the organization grow and expand. Among her most noteworthy achievements for the organization, Bola was responsible for establishing Kakawa Asset Management Limited.

Ultimately, Bola Adesola would leave Kakawa Discount House Limited for a new opportunity with the First Bank of Nigeria Plc. After the organization changed its name to FBN Holdings Plc, Bola was promoted to the position of executive director. She remained the head of corporate banking for more than five years until she resigned in 2010.

Bola Adesola’s interest in finance led her to join many organizations throughout her career. Her involvement in international associations ultimately led to her involvement with the United Nations Global Compact. Since she was educated in law as well as in finance, she was an ideal candidate to head up the board.