What are skills new leaders should develop at the beginning of their career? What conversations should leaders be mastering? How can you organize your business to train your leaders efficiently the first time?

The primary purpose of a webinar is to present an engaging topic that is both relative and informative. They are used to share a presentation in a seminar-style format that can vary from a lecture, interactive workshop or additional collaboration. Webinars are intended to reach several people with a compelling theme. They are a powerful tool, especially for management and leadership which is why many companies and professionals typically rely on webinars for training and development. Here are some of the best webinars available for leaders:

Foundations of Leadership Virtual Course
This is a virtual course with proven steps on how to ignite the passion and productivity in your employees. It is offered in four learning modules, with each one having audio and video, downloadable tools and templates, live interactive facilitation as well as skill-building exercises so you can apply the content of the webinar immediately at work.

Coaching Skills for Leaders
In this webinar, you will learn how to strengthen the influence of your leaders. Experts will be discussing the role that coaching plays into being a great leader and how to develop the right mindset for having effective coaching conversations.

Discover the 4 Leadership Skills You MUST Possess Today
Learn what causes a lack of staff performance and what you can do about it with this leadership webinar. Know what is important when leading others along with simple strategies you can begin implementing immediately. You will also learn the essential skills needed in today’s workforce to profoundly make an impact.

Identifying & Developing Agility in Leaders
In this webinar, you will learn how to identify your leaders and how to develop learning skills through your staff so you can always be prepared for the unexpected. This is an interactive webinar that will help you understand how you can maximize learning through on-the-job experiences, how to create positive organizational environments that will engage your leaders, and how to recognize challenges in the workplace.

Supporting Leaders in Transition with Coaching
This webinar will show you how to coach your leaders to success within their first 90 to 120 days. It is held by organizational coaching experts and is just one hour long.