Soft skills are social skills, the personal attributes people display to interact with the people around them. An often underrated part of a person’s life, proper soft skills and the way we treat others can actually lead to greater opportunities and a sense of personal happiness. While VR technology is being implemented at an astounding rate, some people are afraid interpersonal skills will diminish along with increased use of these kinds of devices. However, it seems some are making an effort to combine the two together and actually working to implement the improvement of soft skills while using VR technology! Here is how it’s being done, according this article on

Matching learning: The person’s behavior is observed in real-time, down to the millisecond, and this feedback is used to reward or punish different types of behaviors. This is what the technology is capable of; therefore the training must be interactive in some type of way.

Walk a mile in someone’s shoes: Imagine technology that helps an able-bodied person experience life through the eyes of someone disabled, or any type of similar scenario. Wouldn’t that change the person’s perspective pretty quickly and in quite eye-opening fashion? Instead of just reading a textbook or a poster calling for better behavior against other people, seeing things from different perspectives can help teach this lesson without complications, because it literally is interactive. No preaching needed, no heavy-handed lessons needed – just put on this headset and it will do that rest.

Eventually it has an effect: While the brain gets rewarded for correct behaviors, it also gets punished for incorrect behavior. Thus someone can load a preconceived notion of an idea onto a headset and implement their ideas into anyone who dares put on the headset. There has to be a way to manage these very important expectations, and this technology can definitely learn to serve those who need help the most. By immersing someone in a VR world, it is very different than just teaching someone a few skills and foundations on how they should act. Therefore, interactivity in necessary over using a VR tool that only serves as an instructional video. It is important that a person actually interact with others, be it in real life or through a headset, because like it or not that is how people learn fastest. By create these world, it will bring good on those who would like to implement it.