As I departed Brussels, I briefly wanted to touch on some final thoughts. These past few days working with the Crans Montana Forum and European Parliament, I have been so inspired and humbled to address issues that resonate so deeply with me alongside so many brilliant minds. Walking away from the trip, I feel a renewed sense of drive to push the Better Life Program and their efforts further, do more in my daily life to empower women and ultimately spread the word on how we can and need to push for progress.

Aisha Babangida CransMontana AishaBabangida Crans Montana Forum

My key takeaway has been that change starts on the ground. No one knows how to change the problems your community faces better than you and your: neighbors, family, friends. We need to advocate for ourselves. We need to make our voices heard and in doing so, we will no doubt take one step closer to a sustainable and more developed future. I believe in that future, because I believe in the African people and after the last few days, it’s clear that people all over the world have that same belief and faith too. Looking forward to sharing more from the forum soon – Aisha.

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