The new year brings a new opportunity to set goals for yourself. It’s often normal to think about why you aren’t happy and what you could change in your life so that you can be happier. Telling yourself that you’re happy can help, but you have to do something to change how you feel about life. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can try to maintain a new lease on mental toughness in the new year that works for others in the past.

Stay In Control

Avoid thinking about the things in your life that you can’t control. If you concentrate on the things that you do have control over, such as your family and your job, then you’ll find that everything else will usually fall into place. Try not to worry about when you’re going to meet the person you’re going to marry or when you’re going to be able to travel to another state or country. As long as you continue to make the efforts necessary to reach the goals that you have, then you will achieve them in due time.

Think In The Short Term

If you continue thinking about things that are months or years in the future, then you usually won’t be able to focus on the things that are taking place right now in your life. When you know that there is an event coming up in the future, do what you can to prepare for it instead of worrying about how it will turn out overall.

Keep A Journal

One way that you can make lists of things that you need to do along with planning for events and making notes about your thoughts is to get a bullet journal. The design of the journal makes it easier to keep track of all of this information so that you can look back at the changes that you’ve made. You’ll also be able to see which events impact your moods and what you can do about them.

Don’t Avoid Negativity

Instead of pushing negative thoughts aside, you need to focus on them and try to figure out how to change the thoughts to those that are positive. Sometimes, you might have a voice that tells you that you can’t do something or that tells you that you could be better. You know that you have potential in life, and embracing your negative thoughts is a way to take the step in developing your potential.