Throughout the history of Nigeria, there have been countless women who have had a profound impact on how the country has progressed. Thanks to the tireless work of these women, which include former First Ladies, there has been significant progress in women’s empowerment throughout Nigeria. In order to properly honour the female leaders of Nigeria, the Mother of the Nation: History Revived event was created. 

The Mother of The Nation: History Revived event was originally created as a way to honour the former first ladies of Nigeria and the incredible work that they did in their role. While this event honours those who have already served in the role of first ladies, it is also meant to inspire future generations to become fearless leaders in Nigeria. This is an important aspect of the event because it can help encourage tomorrow’s leaders in a way that they have not previously experienced. 

Throughout the Mother of the Nation: History Revived event, which took place in January 2020, attendees had the opportunity to hear from a number of former first ladies from Nigeria. The first ladies that spoke covered a variety of important topics, including the history of Nigeria’s first ladies, the work they did in their roles, and how they worked towards gender development. The event included three panels with former first ladies and helped provide crucial information for future generations. 

What Are The Main Takeaways?
The Mother of the Nation: History Revived event included a number of important observations to remember for the future. For example, the event helped reinforce the fact that the work of First Ladies remains an essential part of Nigeria’s long-term success. Their commitment to helping Nigeria move forward was evident throughout. Additionally, it was apparent that working towards gender equality is another takeaway from the event. The ongoing work of Nigeria’s First Ladies ensures that work is being done to improve gender equality. 

Without the work of the former and future First Ladies, Nigeria would not be where it is today, and the Mother of the Nation: History Revived event will continue to work to honor them.