The role of a country’s leader is an essential part of not only how they function, but also how they continue to progress in the coming years. While it is known that the role of a leader or president is crucial to a country’s long-term success, many people may not realize the role that the first ladies play as well. From promoting gender equality to helping to improve access to children’s healthcare, the first ladies in Nigeria have worked tirelessly to tackle ongoing social issues. 

The first lady’s role in Nigeria has been a significant one for the country for many years, as their work helps to tackle social issues throughout the country. Because of their role as the first lady, they are looking for ways to take on a number of ongoing issues, in the hopes of improving them and helping to further build the nation. In addition to gender equality and children’s healthcare, the initiatives that first ladies have worked on include improving education, increasing access to employment, and providing financial resources to communities throughout Nigeria. 

Gender Equality
One of the ongoing issues that Nigeria’s first ladies have focused on is increasing gender equality and opportunities for women. There are several first ladies who have dedicated themselves to gender equality. For example, Mrs. Titi Abubakar created the Women’s Rights Project to help women’s advancement. Additionally, Mrs. Aisha Babangida created the Women Enterprise Alliance as a way to connect entrepreneurs with companies and funding to help them achieve long-term success. As a result of the work from the former first ladies, Nigeria has seen significant advancement for women. 

Another notable effort towards improving social issues came from Stella Obasanjo. She created an organization called Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation (WOTCLEF). The Foundation is aimed at helping women and children who have been victims of human trafficking by proving them the resources they need to thrive. Her work has helped over 500 people get reintegrated after escaping trafficking. 

Without the incredible work of the first ladies in Nigeria, they would not have been able to help as many communities thrive. Their work continues to be a crucial part of Nigeria’s long-term success.